Marketplace owners and promoters can use GITO Marketplace Technology to launch and manage their own marketplaces.

GITO technology has been architected and built by a strong global team with decades of experience and technical expertise to put together large enterprise systems for leading global enterprise players.

A complete blue print is available on how the Marketplace Promoter can leverage GITO technology and the team experience/expertise to launch and manage their marketplace successfully without having to build a custom or even use some of the current frameworks available in the market. We can give you a turn-key marketplace technology along with the necessary strategies based on our experience of having helped several large organizations with their ecommerce / omnicommerce solutions.

Whether you are looking to launch a B2C marketplace or a B2B marketplace, a regular marketplace or an omnichannel marketplace we can provide you with a turn-key technology solution. You need to focus on building your business rather than spend your energy on building the technology to launch and manage your marketplace.

We are helping multiple marketplace promoters to launch and manage their own market places.

All the features essential for your marketplace in terms of technology, security, scalability, localization. We customize each requirement with the nuances of the individual marketplace requirements and provide full technical support. Our platform is powerful in terms of features. We can create a single tenant instance for your marketplace and provide you with all technical support and ant operational assistance. When you use our solution the operations and management of the marketplace is made very user friendly and your own staff (who need not be IT experts) can manage the entire marketplace. They will be trained on how to do so and will be exposed a lot of support and help requirement to carry out their functions.

To learn about how we have helped other marketplaces and how we can help you with your technology requirements please contact us with your details and we will get in touch with you. Needless to say but we will not be able to share specifics of any of our other customers but will be able to explain through our demo instances and answer all questions you may have about how to use our solutions effectively for your applications.

Please send an email to with your details.

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