Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School believes that their campus is like a second home to its pupils. This school aims at grooming the students into well- rounded, confident global citizens. Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School believes in setting a benchmark for holistic and progressive education. The students here enjoy a learning experience like no other with world-class facilities and a well-trained faculty. Let your children join the Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School and ignite a spark and a sense of realization in their minds. This school believes in the methodology of innovative teaching and learning with hands-on experience. The Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School combines learning, leadership and a curriculum in an infrastructure that is one of the most well-equipped in the city. At Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School students are given a caring, well-structured and supportive environment.


  • This school boasts a four-storey ‘Green Building’ with airy corridors and a lot of room for its students throughout the campus.
  • With large classrooms, all equipped with CCTV and green boards, this school believes in studying in daylight rather than artificial lights.
  • The strength of this school lies in its inclusive approach and alumni engagement during school events like Career Day or Int’l Day.
  • This school has classrooms and activity rooms, and they’re colourfully designed to create a sense of comfort and a pleasant mood.
  • Educational films are frequently played in this school’s audiovisual room.

  • This school hosts various inter-clan and inter-school competitions.
  • The students are provided buses to travel to the school.
  • The pupils are champions in the making.
  • Here, in Dr. M. Dejamma’s Mahaveer School, students are exposed to a multitude of books of various genres, thanks to the well-stocked and diverse book collections.
  • The school campus is spacious, green and extremely well kept.

  • A visual room is also extremely beneficial for educational purposes.
  • From story-telling competitions to science Olympiads, this school hosts a variety of intra-school and inter-school competitions.
  • This school is full of facilities for students, from spacious, airy classrooms for students to huge auditorium for cultural events, the students are provided care like at home.
  • With all the requirements for an educational institution like computer labs, library, sports ground and spacious, airy classrooms, DMD Mahaveer School equips its students with the best.
  • The school encourages its students to take part in music, dance as well as theatre.

  • Here’s a school with well-equipped buses and CCTV surveillance.
  • The school is well-equipped with labs for PCB, Robotics, Vedic Maths, Abacus and Design Technology, Visual Art Labs.
  • The children are provided daycare from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • The development patterns of children are measured with the help of process and evaluation metrics.
  • This school campus is well secured, thanks to the trained security marshals and CCTV systems that operate 24 x 7.

  • This school conducts many fun-filled activities that are correlated with the students’ knowledge and all-around skills.
  • The classrooms feature a colourful, aesthetic design which is ideal for a child’s learning environment.
  • This school emphasizes on innovative learning techniques and has a more practical approach to studies with project-based learning and group discussions.
  • This school has all the facilities for activity-based learning, e-learning and much more.