DMD School was an initiative from Dr. M Dejamma, who founded this school and was an educator with up to 20 years of experience. She has established this school starting from 1 child back then to 650 students now. The students of Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School are taught to believe in co-existing harmoniously in society. The Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School aims at building a strong intellectual, artistic and moral foundations in its students, in an atmosphere of multicultural ethos. Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School molds the young minds of today to make them committed and successful leaders of tomorrow. Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School instills values in students, which are essential and encourages them to follow their passions and become Doctors, Engineers, Explorers, Scientists and Artists of tomorrow. This school aims at making their students all-rounders with the latest educational techniques and a good number of well-qualified faculty members.


Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School is home to 650 students with students coming from different cultural backgrounds. This is one of the best in Mysore. Students aging 3 to 18 can seek admission here. Students at Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School learn how to achieve excellence in academics with a holistic approach. The emphasis is on thinking and exploring along with learning. The Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School believes in preserving the best Indian culture and education. This school has a student-centric approach with ample opportunities for discovery learning with the help of well-qualified teachers. This school rests down in the heritage city of Mysuru. The students in this school believe in building their creativity, developing their curiosity and expressing themselves as articulate and amiable people.


Dr. M Dejamma Mahaveer School is run by a group of professionals whose motto is to raise socially aware, responsible situations. This school promotes all-round education and inspires the students to follow their passion. This school strives to foster team spirit in youngsters. This school believes in the motto that the task of a modern educator is not to cut down trees but to irrigate deserts. This school focuses on three prime aspects of learning, namely Vidya, Sadvidya and Brahma Vidya. Vidya refers to modern education; Sadvidya refers to traditional education, and Brahma Vidya is spiritual education. This school focuses on the overall intellectual, cultural and social development of its students.